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Every day, the popularity of SYNLawn Orlando’s eco-friendly artificial grass continues to rise in Orlando, FL. Customers are realizing the time and cost advantages associated with switching from standard sod to eco-friendly alternatives. Leading the synthetic turf industry in Orlando, we recognize that we have an obligation to the environment and our clients to offer greener landscape installation goods instead of using items that increase our carbon footprint and deplete valuable resources, such as water.

The Only Provider of USDA Certified Artificial Turf in Orlando, FL

What sets our Orlando artificial grass apart as one of the most environmentally friendly products on the market? With USDA certification, SYNLawn offers the largest and most diverse range of turf products. To attain this prestigious certification, a product must be crafted using over 60% plant-based materials. SYNLawn takes pride in delivering products that not only meet but exceed this criterion, with up to 80% bio-based content.

Every day, many consumers in Orlando, Florida, recognize the importance of preserving our environment. Opting for turf from us at SYNLawn Orlando allows them to contribute to this cause, and in return, they enjoy the added advantages of saving both time and money through our products. The potential for eco-friendly artificial turf manufacturing is boundless, and at SYNLawn Orlando, we not only acknowledge but actively explore the myriad possibilities. We are dedicated to seizing every opportunity and avenue to uphold our commitment to environmental sustainability.

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Our Partnership with American Farmers

To accomplish all of this, SYNLawn collaborates with U.S. soy farmers. They enable us to obtain locally produced products, such as sugar cane for our grass fibers and soybean oil for our backing system. Up to 60% of the petroleum components that are typically utilized in other synthetic grass products can be replaced with our plant-based components. We are delighted to assist American farmers and open up new job opportunities by using their soybeans, in addition to employing a naturally grown, sustainable substance to help reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Time and Money Savings

Many clients choose Orlando artificial grass from SYNLawn thanks to its significant time and expense-saving advantages. Maintaining a traditional landscape year-round can involve endless hours of upkeep, costly repairs, clumsy irrigation, and the use of lawn equipment and maintenance workers. SYNLawn users can save up to 50-70% on their water expenses, letting them recapture important time for family, friends, hobbies, and other activities. Best of all, when you have artificial turf, you do not need to worry about mud, holes, fleas, or ticks.

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The Bio-Based EnviroLoc+™ Backing System

EnviroLoc+ is our environmentally friendly artificial grass backing system. This two-part backing technology minimizes shedding and helps ensure the longevity of our products by locking in grass strands through weaving and coating. It is made from recyclable ingredients, including soybean oil, and its porous body creates optimal drainage, allowing it to be used even after rain.

Also included in our plant-based backing system is the potent Sanitized® antibacterial. Customers with respiratory allergies will find it much easier to enjoy their landscapes with this layer applied since Sanitized® helps fight against algae and fungus that are known to release allergens into the air.

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