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The introduction of artificial grass from SYNLawn Orlando has helped revolutionize landscape design in Kissimmee, FL. Our team offers top-tier quality and exceptionally realistic synthetic turf, which not only saves residents time and money on maintenance but also promotes environmental sustainability. Customers experience year-round luxury and vibrance in their backyard immediately after installation. With over 50 years of research and development invested in our SYNLawn turf, we continuously help innovate the market, introducing the first and only plant-based artificial turf manufactured PFAS-free. Backed by an unparalleled lifetime warranty, our synthetic turf is ideal for a wide range of applications in Kissimmee.

Commercial Properties Rely on Kissimmee Artificial Turf

Business owners recognize that the lasting impression of their commercial landscape is paramount. However, finding time to maintain it can be challenging, leading to the use of cheap alternatives or costly maintenance crews. That is where SYNLawn Orlando comes in. Our Kissimmee synthetic turf is engineered to surpass competitors in longevity. Unlike traditional artificial turf, which typically lasts 10-20 years, ours is built to endure and potentially last a lifetime without the need for mowing, watering, or reseeding. On average, we help save customers up to 70% on water bills, significantly reduce carbon emissions, and provide a recyclable alternative to help prevent turf from ending up in landfills.

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SYNLawn® Orlando Artificial Grass vs. The Competition

There are many competing brands that claim to be the best; however, SYNLawn has proven for more than 20 years why they are a leader in the artificial turf industry. Our Kissimmee artificial grass by SYNLawn is manufactured in partnership with American farmers here in the USA. At our in-house facility, we quality control our turf from yarn to installation. We utilize plant-based materials, including renewable soybeans and sugar cane, unlike competitors that use substantial amounts of petroleum. Our turf includes exclusive innovations, including our Super Yarn™ technology and the EnviroLoc+™ backing system, which helps make it the strongest and longest-lasting turf on Earth. At SYNLawn Orlando, synthetic turf also includes antimicrobial properties, remains up to 20% cooler than other competing turf brands, and is friendly to both pets and children.

The Installation of Kissimmee Synthetic Turf

Providing top-quality turf is only as good as its installation. For this reason, our team of experts is regularly trained to help ensure that our standard of quality never drops. For example, our PGA-caliber putting green turf is crafted to replicate the performance and authenticity of traditional grass to improve your short game and help lower your scores. These golf greens, however, can only be installed by our GreensMaster™ certified technicians. In doing so, we can better ensure a seamless, superior-quality result.

At SYNLawn Orlando, we start by smoothing out and leveling the base. This ensures that the installation will be free of debris and bumps that can be a potential tripping hazard. Next, we place each panel of your installation in the same direction to reduce shimmer and further enhance its realism. Finally, we walk through the installation to eliminate any seams or wrinkles.

residential backyard synthetic lawn
Artificial grass apartment lawn from SYNLawn

Safety is Key When Designing Kissimmee Synthetic Grass

At SYNLawn Orlando, we offer playground and athletic turf that is perfect for schools, playgrounds, sports facilities, and even the backyard. With a range of ages that will utilize these varieties, we became the first local turf company to recognize the need for IPEMA-certified synthetic turf. We have gone the distance to independently test our surfaces to meet proper fall height attenuations and help prevent common injuries and infections. Our Kissimmee playground turf, like our pet turf and other varieties, boasts a remarkable drainage capacity of up to 1,200 inches per hour. This rapid drainage helps ensure usability almost immediately after exposure to liquids, making it highly effective in preventing slips. Additionally, SYNLawn is one of the only providers of synthetic grass that is Class A fire-rated and proven to prevent the spread of fires.

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SYNLawn Orlando is licensed, bonded, and insured to work on large-scale artificial grass projects from start to finish in Kissimmee, FL. We work closely with industry professionals, including landscape architects, construction companies, pool builders, general contractors, and more, to create safer, cleaner, and greener surroundings in Florida. For more information about our Kissimmee artificial turf and our installation services, contact us at SYNLawn Orlando today to schedule your free consultation!