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For more than 50 years, SYNLawn has researched and developed new ways to innovate the artificial grass market. As a result, we provide an ever-growing catalog of Orlando synthetic grass options for a comprehensive list of applications. In addition, Orlando artificial turf comes standard with exclusive technologies and benefits not found anywhere else in our industry. We are confident that you will see that SYNLawn synthetic grass is far beyond the fake grass of the past, and why it is the perfect lawn and landscape solution.

Types of Artificial Turf in Orlando

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Super Yarn™ Technology

Super Yarn technology is a first-of-its-kind turf yarn formula. It molecularly binds three powerful and unique components at the molecular level to create one exclusive turf yarn material. These three components include Sanitized® antimicrobial, DualChill™ IR reflective technology, and StatBlock™ anti-static. With Super Yarn, your installation can last for more than 20 years with minimal effort.

Eco-Friendly orlando Synthetic Grass

SYNLawn provides the most eco-friendly artificial grass in Orlando to date. We manufacture all our products in-house at our facility in Dalton, GA to maintain our superior quality and ensure that our synthetic turf meets high environmental standards. We partner with American farmers to incorporate locally grown materials including sugar cane and soybeans. Our products will help you conserve water thousands of gallons of water per year, reduce your carbon emissions, and reduce the impact on landfills across the country.

EnviroLoc+™ Plant-Based Backing System

Green backing technology that you can see. EnviroLoc+ is a two-part woven, plant-based backing system made from renewable soybean oil and other eco-friendly materials. It is responsible for replacing 60% of petroleum and other less eco-friendly components from our manufacturing process. EnviroLoc+ “locks-in” turf fibers to prevent shedding and extend the longevity of your turf installation. In addition, EnviroLoc+ includes a coating of Sanitized® antimicrobial which actively eliminates up to 99% of bacteria caused by algae and fungal growth, common sources of respiratory allergens.

Cooler Surface Temperatures with HeatBlock™ Technology

Heat build-up is a common issue that traditional artificial lawns and landscaping surfaces face throughout the year. Much like dark clothing, natural grass and other synthetic turf products can absorb heat when exposed to it for long periods of time. Fortunately, Orlando artificial grass from SYNLawn includes HeatBlock, a scientifically proven technology that keeps surfaces up to 20% cooler than any competing turf on the market, regardless of the time of the year. HeatBlock technology makes surfaces safe for children and pets to comfortably walk on without burning themselves and reduces shimmer from our turf for a more natural appearance.

USDA-Certified Orlando Artificial Grass

You now know that SYNLawn products are the most eco-friendly on the market, but did you know that we are the first and only company to offer USDA-certified artificial turf? This is a direct result of our partnership with US soy farmers. To achieve this, products must contain a minimum of 60% bio-based contents. Not only does a growing collection of our products meet this minimum, but we are also proud to provide products that provide up to 80% plant and bio-based materials. We are a leader in the artificial grass industry, and we feel that we have a direct responsibility to manufacture products that continue to promote environmental sustainability.

Savings Calculator

See how much you can save by switching to SYNLawn Orlando artificial grass by using our savings calculator. By utilizing our savings calculator, you can see the immediate savings provided by Orlando artificial turf on fertilizer, sod, mowing, and water usage.

SYNLawn provides customers with the highest quality and most technologically advanced synthetic grass Orlando has to offer. To learn more, contact us to schedule a consultation and receive a FREE quote today!