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In Windermere, FL, artificial grass from SYNLawn Orlando is helping to elevate the landscapes of residents. With more than 50 years of instilled research and development, there is no other artificial turf that compares to SYNLawn. Our customers enjoy time and money savings from the moment their installation is complete and can confidently reinvest in their hobbies, families, customers, and more.

Commercial Synthetic Turf

At SYNLawn Orlando, our Windermere artificial turf provides a level of superior durability, quality, and performance not found anywhere else in our industry. This is a direct result of our exclusive technological advancements and benefits. In addition, we are the first and only company to utilize plant-based materials to help ensure longevity and recyclability. As a result, our artificial grass options are perfect for both commercial and residential installation in Windermere, FL.

Our premium synthetic turf varieties are developed in-house at our facility in Dalton, GA. Here, we can ensure that we quality control our products, from yarn to synthetic turf, to provide a consistent experience to all our customers and meet environmental standards. We are also one of the first companies to offer synthetic grass that is manufactured PFAS-free!

SYNLawn offers many Windermere artificial grass varieties, including:

Artificial grass apartment lawn installed by SYNLawn
backyard playground synthetic grass

Save Time and Money Year-Round

The team from SYNLawn Orlando stops at nothing to relieve customer pain points. Our Windermere, FL, artificial turf eliminates the hassles of traditional maintenance and grants you endless beauty. While traditional turf is rated to last 10–20 years or less, SYNLawn Orlando artificial turf can last a lifetime with minimal effort.

Did you know that lawn care can account for nearly half of your monthly water consumption? This is not the case with SYNLawn artificial grass. We are happy to help you save up to 50-70% on your water bills and eliminate the cost of maintenance crews and lawn equipment.

Safer Artificial Turf in Windermere, FL

For more than 20 years, we have explored the many applications for our SYNLawn Orlando artificial grass. During this time, we became among the first to recognize the apparent need to meet high commercial safety standards, regardless of whether you are installing a playground, a putting green, a dog park, or a new lawn at home. As a result, we offer synthetic turf that boasts certifications from IPEMA, ADA, CSA, and ASTM. Our turf has been laboriously tested to meet proper fall height requirements, prevent the spread of fires, and reduce the risk of common injuries and abrasions. We want you to spend more time enjoying yourself and less time worrying about your safety or the safety of your pets or your children.

Artifiical grass mini golf course installed by SYNLawn
artificial grass outdoor lawn apartment installation

Technologically Advanced Artificial Grass

In an industry that is as saturated as artificial grass, it can be difficult to stand out in a sea of competition. Fortunately for us, we offer a blend of exclusive technologies that have forever changed the way that our artificial turf is manufactured:

  • Super Yarn™ – Super Yarn combines three of the industry’s most unique enhancements to create molecularly bound yarn that offers antimicrobial, IR-reflective, and anti-static properties.
  • EnviroLoc+™ – EnviroLoc+ is our plant-based backing system that acts as a security system for your turf blades. It locks in fibers to prevent shedding caused by heavy foot traffic, digging dogs, sports training, and more.
  • SuperDrain+™ – SuperDrain+ is part of EnviroLoc’s porous body and provides you with a maximum drainage rate of up to 1,200 inches per hour. This is 40 times greater than the highest recorded rainfall in the USA.
  • HeatBlock™ – HeatBlock keeps your synthetic turf cool year-round. It is scientifically proven to reduce surface temperatures by up to 20% more than other competing brands. This is done by actively combating heat buildup through the reflection of infrared light.

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This is only a small showcase of everything that Windermere, FL, artificial turf from SYNLawn Orlando is capable of. We are proud of our many achievements and our ability to continue innovating in the artificial grass industry. Our team works closely with industry professionals, including architects, general contractors, construction companies, pool builders, and more, to help create safer, cleaner, and greener surroundings in Windermere, FL. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to work on multi-million-dollar projects from start to finish and offer affordable payment plans to accommodate your budget.

To learn more about Windermere synthetic turf, contact us at SYNLawn Orlando today and schedule your free consultation!